Use these 6 UX design techniques to make your top ten lists more readable

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With the amount of information the average person must interpret on a daily basis how do you entice your readers to read another top ten list? By using good usability design standards you can ensure your readers will get the most out of your post in the shortest period of time.


Shorter is better – top ten style lists can quickly get unusable once they include more items over ten. For instance, the more items over ten that are featured, the less likely people will read the items further down the list.


Give the user as much information about the list before the jump. If the use has to scroll down to find out why they should read this list they probably won’t.


Number your items. This will help your readers more quickly see where they are in the article and effectively separate each item featured.


Use HTML <li> tag and CSS to format your lists – read these for reference


If you are going to use pictures or screenshots, optimize them so they don’t take forever to load. Consider size, quality, and image type when creating your thumbnails. Link:  Online Image Optimizer- GIF, JPG, and PNG is a website designed just for that very purpose.


If your top ten lists is a list of images, offer them as a download them all option (zip file) at the end of the article. Your readers will appreciate it.  If your CMS does not allow hosting .zip files there are plenty of sites who will host the file for free.  I use because it is easy to upload and equally simple for your readers to download.


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Kalim Fleet is a professional web designer and blogger with over 6 years experience. The web is his passion as he splits his time between blog writing, software development and social media. He loves using and developing new applications for the web, mobile, and desktop.

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