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Web services like and have given the everyday web user the ability to easily create web content that is on par with the corporate world and professional bloggers in terms of reader usability without the need for an IT budget. This has no doubt led to an explosion in the sheer number of blogs that are found online but what about the quality of the content? In this post, I will discuss ways professional bloggers can distinguish themselves from the rest of the millions of blog posts published everyday.

5 Simple tips to help make your blog stand out

1. Allow users to focus on content

  • One of the biggest challenges many blog writers face is how to make money from their blog. One common solution is to sell advertisements or sponsorships. Giving space to advertisers may or may not produce income but realize that taking your readers attention off your content may decrease the number of visitors you have to your blog. The idea is to find a balance between your content and the content of your advertisers. Your content should be the primary focus and advertisements should add benefit the reader by supplementing your content. The reader, after all, came to your blog to read a topic of interest – why not supplement that with more information like a book related to the topic or links to a product you just reviewed?

2. What are you known for doing?

  • Much has been written about the importance of branding when it comes to marketing your blog. Quite often before anything else people will read your posts based solely on your reputation for presenting different types of content. You are not reading a post for the informed political commentary, for instance. However, once it has been established what type of content you provide it is important to focus on the quality of your content. This is what will differentiate your blog from the 100’s of blogs with similar content to yours.

3. What can your readers expect?

  • When your readers visit your blog, can they expect the same high quality content on a consistent basis?

4. Get your readers engaged

  • Comments as microblogs – facebook and twitter are built upon millions of users creating up to the minute updates. If people are reading your posts and visiting your blog then they will want to contribute to your blog in any way possible. They will want to share posts they liked with their friends and family. They will want to leave comments whether the comments are positive or negative. In short, they will want to participate. The key is to make is easy for them to do so. Don’t give barriers to participation. You can use the same technology that websites like and use to ensure your readers get heard.

5. Get star guest bloggers

  • Often a blog will bring in guest writers who are experts in a particular field or extremely popular. This serves several purposes. First, you can increase your blog’s reputation as a source for expert advice across the blogosphere. Second, you can change up the writing style and give your readers a fresh perspective. Third, you can promote your blog through more channels now because most expert author’s followers will visit your blog to read the author’s post.

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6. Promoting your blog posts

  • Getting your blog posts seen is a topic probably best suited for another post but I here are a few quality links to help you get some perspective on how you want to go about promoting your blog posts.

That concludes this blog post and thanks for reading.


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Kalim Fleet is a professional web designer and blogger with over 6 years experience. The web is his passion as he splits his time between blog writing, software development and social media. He loves using and developing new applications for the web, mobile, and desktop.

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