5 Tips for finding creative inspiration in the most unusual places

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1. 5 level word association game

Step one: pick any object in your line of sight

Step two: write the first five things that come to your mind about that object

Step three: focus on one of the five things you wrote about the center object. Now write the first 5 things that come to mind about that word.

Step four: repeat step 3 for the next four items

Step five: now you have 31 items (1 in Step 1, 5 in Step 2, and 25 in Step3-4) that are sure to give you some type of inspiration about what your next course of action can be. See diagram below.


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2. Create “new” uses for everyday items

I have always marveled at how a young child can imagine the most arcane things to be the most amazing in my eyes. This child like view of the world can be used by us adults too when we are finding ourselves in a creative rut.

The technique is simple: find some ordinary items you may find in your near vicinity and “create” 15 atypical uses for each item. After a while of doing this, you will find yourself approaching your creative project with a new and unique perspective!

3. Completely “unplug” your self

By unplug, I mean leave your normal place of creation and leave all your creation tools at that place. Do not think about all the work you have to do. In fact, try to clear your mind completely by sitting in a quiet place.

Take a while to reset your brain. After you feel you have sufficiently distanced yourself from the process, take a small notepad and pen/pencil and start jotting down ideas. Then let it go again for a period of time, only coming back to the notepad when you are ready to tackle your next creative project. You may be surprised by how creative your ideas were when you took the time to get away from your regular routine. Depending on the level of your creative stump this process may take only 1 hour or even a week or more.

Realize that creative inspiration is everywhere

Here is another example of how ordinary things can play a big role in your creative process. First, take several items in your near vicinity and write down 5 things you can appreciate about the design of the item. For most people this should be a fairly simple exercise. Now, write down 5 things you think could be improved about the design. This step is far more challenging, but if you can do this effectively you may find the creative inspiration you were looking for all along!

See Differently

Quite often creative blocks come from having access to too much information about the same things. It is often necessary to get away from your normal day-to-day routine so you can actually see differently -then you can possibly create something new and fresh because you are now new and fresh. I hope the techniques featured in this article have helped provide you with some inspiration for your endeavors.


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